What is your favorite Disney character or movie and why is it your favorite? (week 4)

Im going to talk about favorite movie and why.
My favorite movie is The Martian.
It's very awesome film, because there is Mars, universe.
I like mostly Sci-Fi and adventure films.
This movie's starring is Matt Damon.
Basically.. Storyline is like..
There was mission to go mars, Astrnout Mark Watney is presumed dead after a storm and left behind by his crew.
But Watner has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet.
He made there a Potato farm using others mission mates poop for fertilizer.
Also he made some kind construction, which made Hydrogen for potatos.
He was away from Earth to Mars for 560 sol's which is 577 days.
Also, he blow up his potato farm, and lost mostly everything (food and potato farm)
1st of all his team mates thought that he is dead and they went back to earth.
Earth people found out that he wasn't dead and they didn't want to told them that he is alive.
When they find out that he is alive, they wanted to go back (what they did), but earth people didn't want.
But everything went good and they got back to Earth.
That's all
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