If you won the Texas lottery, what would you do?(week 2)

Im going to talk about story, what would I do if I have won the Texas lottery.
1st of all, I want to know how much.
Because it depends very much..
If like below 1000 USD, then it is for my car only.
My car engine isn't very good.
Like, it's overheating..
Also, if the lottery prize is over 10 000USD then I probably going to help my parents, like taxes etc..
Also, i'd like to help my brother who is renovating his new house.
Probably I go to travel too because it's big money..
It's like 9000 euros.
I'd like to buy also new clothes, fix my computer and maybe buy new moto scooter, so I can trip around with it.
Also I might do new category driving licenses, like A1, which is bike which doesn't go over 125cc.
If if the lottery prize is over 1 milion USD then I probably do everything I want.
Like travel around the world, buy new car for my dad, buy new house, buy new car to my brother, upgrade my PC...
But this wont happen ever...
My luck and winning?
Hah, that's cool story.
Except that winning what I won in internet.
I won like 136 dollars, but that's nothing, because it's game skins..
Also, I lost it next week.
That's all.
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